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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#Trying2GetAddicted2Exercise: Set Backs and Triumphs

So I think I'll lead off with Triumph today, because I like the positive. It appears I have lost 2 pounds and some body fat. Not enough for anyone to notice but me, and barely that hehehe. But its there,
Also I have been making more regular trips to the gym! More active lifestyle here I come!

Now for the Set Backs. I call them setbacks instead of FAILURE because that is all they are. There is a belief in the world of weight-loss that I agree with that loosely states, "Just because you mess up does not mean you have failed. Pick yourself up and keep going."  You could stop going to the gym for 6 months (me last year) but as long as you go back, you have not failed, just made it that much longer until you get where you want to be. Make sense? My set back? I screwed up and played hooky week 2 and a good chunk of week 3! But I have not failed, just pushed back my goal. DANG IT! I hate it when I do that!
Anger is good! Use it to energize you when your on that treadmill pushing for that last 1/2 mile or on the weight machine pushing for that last rep!

Remember, you only can declare failure from your grave. Until then, you have every chance to succeed!!!
I love you all and keep the movement going!

I'm on Twitter: @JadeAurora. Help me keep up on your progress by using the hash tag #Trying2GetAddicted2Exercise on all of your fitness tweets! Lets make the world take notice!!!!

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