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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#Trying2GetAddicted2Excercise WEEK 1

Well the first week is down and I am happy to say that this past Monday was the only day I did not exercise (hey, gotta have a rest day). Remember, the goal here is to get addicted. So at this point ANY exercise is good *thumbs up*

So, to get the most out of your work out, you need a good pair of shoes. For the last 2-2.5 years I have literally lived in my Shape-Ups by Sketchers. I have wide feet, and they are just so freakin comfortable. Sadly the backs are now a factory for blisters so it was time to get a new pair. ENTER: Shape-Ups LIV!

This is the actual color I purchased. Yeah I know PINK is in there. HELLO, favorite color :) !

I am LOVING these shoes. They are a little tight on the sides, but I anticipate that will ease with wear. I have worn them 3 times so far and it has already started. These are amazing. The idea behind them is that it has a curve on the bottom which gives a stride similar to if you were in fact barefoot.

(Click HERE to read more and watch a video about them!)

This past Sunday I went to a carnival and walked around for 7 hours straight in these things and even though they were brand spanking new, my feet felt GREAT! No soreness or cramping and no back pain! I am completely in love!

Depending on where you purchase them, they an be from $50 (some random website I saw) to $70 ( I bought mine at a Sketchers Outlet Store not far from me in the Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC for $65 plus tax.

So yes, they are a bit expensive, but I have been a sketchers customer for over a decade and I always get multiple years out of them, I have a pair of white Sketchers D-Lites and 5 years later they are STILL pristine!

And on a side note, the outlet store I purchased them from was having a 2nd pair 1/2 off so I splurged and got these beauties!
Normally at the outlet store these are $50, but because of the sale I got these for $25. Add that to what I paid for the LIV's and I still ended up paying around $10 LESS than I paid for my original Shape-Ups!
I am also loving these because they feel so good and are work appropriate! Not to mention the fitness benefits!

What are your favorite work out shoes? Comment below!

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