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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#Trying2GetAddicted2Exercise: Set Backs and Triumphs

So I think I'll lead off with Triumph today, because I like the positive. It appears I have lost 2 pounds and some body fat. Not enough for anyone to notice but me, and barely that hehehe. But its there,
Also I have been making more regular trips to the gym! More active lifestyle here I come!

Now for the Set Backs. I call them setbacks instead of FAILURE because that is all they are. There is a belief in the world of weight-loss that I agree with that loosely states, "Just because you mess up does not mean you have failed. Pick yourself up and keep going."  You could stop going to the gym for 6 months (me last year) but as long as you go back, you have not failed, just made it that much longer until you get where you want to be. Make sense? My set back? I screwed up and played hooky week 2 and a good chunk of week 3! But I have not failed, just pushed back my goal. DANG IT! I hate it when I do that!
Anger is good! Use it to energize you when your on that treadmill pushing for that last 1/2 mile or on the weight machine pushing for that last rep!

Remember, you only can declare failure from your grave. Until then, you have every chance to succeed!!!
I love you all and keep the movement going!

I'm on Twitter: @JadeAurora. Help me keep up on your progress by using the hash tag #Trying2GetAddicted2Exercise on all of your fitness tweets! Lets make the world take notice!!!!

Don't forget to comment below!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#Trying2GetAddicted2Excercise WEEK 1

Well the first week is down and I am happy to say that this past Monday was the only day I did not exercise (hey, gotta have a rest day). Remember, the goal here is to get addicted. So at this point ANY exercise is good *thumbs up*

So, to get the most out of your work out, you need a good pair of shoes. For the last 2-2.5 years I have literally lived in my Shape-Ups by Sketchers. I have wide feet, and they are just so freakin comfortable. Sadly the backs are now a factory for blisters so it was time to get a new pair. ENTER: Shape-Ups LIV!

This is the actual color I purchased. Yeah I know PINK is in there. HELLO, favorite color :) !

I am LOVING these shoes. They are a little tight on the sides, but I anticipate that will ease with wear. I have worn them 3 times so far and it has already started. These are amazing. The idea behind them is that it has a curve on the bottom which gives a stride similar to if you were in fact barefoot.

(Click HERE to read more and watch a video about them!)

This past Sunday I went to a carnival and walked around for 7 hours straight in these things and even though they were brand spanking new, my feet felt GREAT! No soreness or cramping and no back pain! I am completely in love!

Depending on where you purchase them, they an be from $50 (some random website I saw) to $70 ( I bought mine at a Sketchers Outlet Store not far from me in the Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC for $65 plus tax.

So yes, they are a bit expensive, but I have been a sketchers customer for over a decade and I always get multiple years out of them, I have a pair of white Sketchers D-Lites and 5 years later they are STILL pristine!

And on a side note, the outlet store I purchased them from was having a 2nd pair 1/2 off so I splurged and got these beauties!
Normally at the outlet store these are $50, but because of the sale I got these for $25. Add that to what I paid for the LIV's and I still ended up paying around $10 LESS than I paid for my original Shape-Ups!
I am also loving these because they feel so good and are work appropriate! Not to mention the fitness benefits!

What are your favorite work out shoes? Comment below!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, a big event coming up in September and I am tired of avoiding pictures and cringing at the ones that got me!
This is going to be it! I am tired of being overweight and I may not get down to my goal of 135 or a size 5 (I'll take either at this point) but anything is better than where I am!
I have a closet full of work out DVDs, materials, and equipment and I MEAN TO USE THEM! Here are my starting stats...

  • Weight 200 pounds
  • Sizes: Top- LG-XLG Pants-14 Dress-16-18
  • Shoes: Traditionally a 7-7.5 but my fat feet sometimes force me to an 8
Since my work out option are VERY varied, I figure I can switch them up if I hit a plateau. My biggest obstacle is going to be (besides my lack of any real motivation) is eating habits. The short version is this: I HATE VEGETABLES!!!! Eating right is extremely hard for me, not to mention I rarely eat. That is not intentional mind you, I just don't feel like getting to it!
So here is the plan right now:
  • Zumba Fitness DVDs for the next 4 weeks
  • Drink more water
  • Eat better and more often
  • If I cannot do the DVD then do another activity like walking or going up to the Tennis Courts with the girls
My 4 weeks end May 9th. By then I hope to be:
  • 5+ pounds lighter (so 195 or less)
  • Clothing to fit looser around the arms, legs and middle
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
This should allow me to be more productive as opposed to sitting on the couch reading the evening away.
  • Weigh 135 OR Size 5 pants
  • More energy
  • A higher level of confidence. The looks to go with the brains!
  • Smaller boobs (please please please)
  • Create envy of my husband (right Josh?)
  • Be an example to my girls and to my husband
  • To stop crying when shopping for swimwear
Comment below and wish me luck!
Love you all!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Common Design Misconceptions: The Little Lies We Have All Fallen For

Designing the perfect room can be a daunting task for many people. It is easy to get overwhelmed and give up before you have even begun. The good news? You are not as inept as you might think. Just misinformed. Here are some common design errors to help you become a master and avoid disaster:
1.     The only neutral colors are beiges and browns: The basic definition of neutral is something that goes with everything like white or black. There are a whole range of these colors. There are some paint companies who break it down for you in their fan decks. Sherwin-Williams are a prime example. 
2.     If I paint a room I have to primer first: It depends on the color currently on the walls. If it is a lighter color like beige, yellow or white (just to name a few) priming is not necessary. Also Valspar has come up with a pretty cool coating paint that virtually eliminates the need for primer. If you absolutely HAVE to primer try getting it tinted the same color as your paint or close to it. This will help give you even coverage.
3.     Never paint the ceiling of a room: Gone is the rule of the white ceiling. Designers are now referring to it as the 5th wall in a space. It can help a space appear bigger  The reason for this is there is not a bright white contrast drawing the eye to the celling causing your brain to believe the space is bigger. NOTE: I should point out that if you should still have a dated popcorn ceiling (the kind that looks like it has a bad case of acne), you may want to have that removed before attempting to color the ceiling. Otherwise you will just have a big old mess. 
4.     My sink and faucet have to match. These also have to match my hardware, light fixtures and outlet/switch plate: while having all of these things match looks very good, it is not a rule. Often you can make a cool design statement by having a light fixture a different color. (Or style GO FOR BROKE you rebel) or a Brushed Nickel faucet with a beige sink. Even try a different color or style knob/pull on your kitchen island than on the rest of your cabinets.
5.     Slab granite is the best counter top: Slab granites are porous, heavy, release Radon gas and are more fragile than you would think. Not to mention you have to maintain them by resealing them at least once a year.. Your best bet is to invest in an engineered stone. These are the most durable and maintenance free counters you can own. The best engineered stone of course is supplied by GraniteTransformations which have a lifetime warranty.
6.     Once I buy the paint for a space I am stuck, what if I don’t like it? If this is a concern for you I have a solution. One of the newest options in the paint section of our favorite home improvement store, like Lowes for example, is a small paint can of your color choice that roughly covers a 5 foot by 5 foot section of wall. They usually cost around $5 and are a great way to try out one color or several before deciding on the right one.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Oh how I have missed you all. Seems I am either to busy or too lazy to write. You pick the best for you.  As worldwide tradition dictates it is time to make up a bunch of resolutions I will ultimately fail at (let us be honest here) so without frther blah blah blahing here goes:
My New Years Resolutions (In no particular order):

  1. Work out more: Trust me, I need it, to feel better if nothing else.
  2. Spend less: Frivolous stuff that is. I mean how many Cardigans do I really need???
  3. No new debt:: JUST SAY NO TO CREDIT
  4. Get those commissions up at work
  5. Finish my stories I am working on: I currently have ideas for 5 different romances!!!
  6. Start doing more in design. If I am going to go ANYWHERE as a designer, I need to focus. A good way to do that? BLOGGING
  7. CLEAN MY HOUSE! No comment :(
  8. Try video blogging: This is gonna be good! LOL
  9. Pay off at least one form of debt! Preferably the one with the highest payment!
So we shall see how it goes.
Please feel free to comment below!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Want to Be the Next Design Star!!!!! #1

For those of you who don't know, HGTV has a competetive reality show called Design Star where designers, architechts and artists design their hearts out for the grand prize of their own show on HGTV!!!! Every week someone is eliminated until a winner is crowned.
In the month of September the producers are going to be in my town, for an open casting call for season 7 and I will be there!!!!! The thing is I have to have 3 photo copies or print outs of my portfolio and or website, to bring with me, so here is the challenge.
I need you to help me pick what I should use from my portfolio!!! Here's how. Go to my facebook page: and in my photo albums is one featuring my portfolio. Comment either on the pictures you like, or on my blog post.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Been Too Long

So its been a while since a post so I thought I would just check in with my readers! I hope all is well for you!
So what's new with me? Soo glad you asked!
Still writing! (It takes a Looooooong time) Its part of the reason I rarely do it, I worry I takes TOO long
Still trying to save money for my lipo! I accept any cash donations you want to send me {wink wink}
I am joining Curves again. I was a member back in 2006, and since I am too lazy to use the workout DVD's I paid a fortune for, {I know, I know} I'm going this route. I tend to actually GO to a gym when I am paying for it monthly! I didn't lose weight the last time, but I did tone up quite a bit, and lets face it, the sooner I get in the habit, the better off I'll be once the lipo is done {thanks baby for pointing that out yesterday MUAH!!!}
So that is about it!!

OH WAIT! One more thing,
A friend was hurt very badly on the fourth of July weekend and his family is having a really hard time. Please consider clicking on this link and contributing any way you can. This is a really important and good cause! Thank you so much!

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