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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Plastic Diaries #2

So yesterday I went to see the second plastic surgeon and this time I was by myself without Josh :(
It is funny how two VERY respected doctors in their fields, can have such different opinions, and unfortunately for me, it is not a simple as comparing apples to apples.
I am kind of all over the board with this last visit emotionally, kind of like I am not sure where to begin my analysis of this visit, which in of itself a cause for me to stick with the first doctor. This second doctor suggested a Tummy Tuck with a little lipo, and then it just got even more complicated from there: Breast reduction done at the same time as tuck (something the other doctor said he didnt want to do because he wanted to do this in stages to give the body time to heal and be less traumatized.)
So bottom line is this:
I believe I will get MORE of a result with lipo, and have decided to go that route! It may cost a little more, but the trade off is less pain, a quicker recovery time, a post op care plan and comfort in my doctor.
As far as the fundraising! This is going to take a while :( Oh well, this is worth the wait! At least I can look forward to a possible partial reimbursment of the breast reduction from my insurance. Another reason to go with the first doctor since they offered to do all of the paper work and the leg work with the insurance for me :)
That will give me a little change to go shopping for my new wardrobe and replenish my savings account. Its all about timing really!


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