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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Been Too Long

So its been a while since a post so I thought I would just check in with my readers! I hope all is well for you!
So what's new with me? Soo glad you asked!
Still writing! (It takes a Looooooong time) Its part of the reason I rarely do it, I worry I takes TOO long
Still trying to save money for my lipo! I accept any cash donations you want to send me {wink wink}
I am joining Curves again. I was a member back in 2006, and since I am too lazy to use the workout DVD's I paid a fortune for, {I know, I know} I'm going this route. I tend to actually GO to a gym when I am paying for it monthly! I didn't lose weight the last time, but I did tone up quite a bit, and lets face it, the sooner I get in the habit, the better off I'll be once the lipo is done {thanks baby for pointing that out yesterday MUAH!!!}
So that is about it!!

OH WAIT! One more thing,
A friend was hurt very badly on the fourth of July weekend and his family is having a really hard time. Please consider clicking on this link and contributing any way you can. This is a really important and good cause! Thank you so much!

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