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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Common Design Misconceptions: The Little Lies We Have All Fallen For

Designing the perfect room can be a daunting task for many people. It is easy to get overwhelmed and give up before you have even begun. The good news? You are not as inept as you might think. Just misinformed. Here are some common design errors to help you become a master and avoid disaster:
1.     The only neutral colors are beiges and browns: The basic definition of neutral is something that goes with everything like white or black. There are a whole range of these colors. There are some paint companies who break it down for you in their fan decks. Sherwin-Williams are a prime example. 
2.     If I paint a room I have to primer first: It depends on the color currently on the walls. If it is a lighter color like beige, yellow or white (just to name a few) priming is not necessary. Also Valspar has come up with a pretty cool coating paint that virtually eliminates the need for primer. If you absolutely HAVE to primer try getting it tinted the same color as your paint or close to it. This will help give you even coverage.
3.     Never paint the ceiling of a room: Gone is the rule of the white ceiling. Designers are now referring to it as the 5th wall in a space. It can help a space appear bigger  The reason for this is there is not a bright white contrast drawing the eye to the celling causing your brain to believe the space is bigger. NOTE: I should point out that if you should still have a dated popcorn ceiling (the kind that looks like it has a bad case of acne), you may want to have that removed before attempting to color the ceiling. Otherwise you will just have a big old mess. 
4.     My sink and faucet have to match. These also have to match my hardware, light fixtures and outlet/switch plate: while having all of these things match looks very good, it is not a rule. Often you can make a cool design statement by having a light fixture a different color. (Or style GO FOR BROKE you rebel) or a Brushed Nickel faucet with a beige sink. Even try a different color or style knob/pull on your kitchen island than on the rest of your cabinets.
5.     Slab granite is the best counter top: Slab granites are porous, heavy, release Radon gas and are more fragile than you would think. Not to mention you have to maintain them by resealing them at least once a year.. Your best bet is to invest in an engineered stone. These are the most durable and maintenance free counters you can own. The best engineered stone of course is supplied by GraniteTransformations which have a lifetime warranty.
6.     Once I buy the paint for a space I am stuck, what if I don’t like it? If this is a concern for you I have a solution. One of the newest options in the paint section of our favorite home improvement store, like Lowes for example, is a small paint can of your color choice that roughly covers a 5 foot by 5 foot section of wall. They usually cost around $5 and are a great way to try out one color or several before deciding on the right one.

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