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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, a big event coming up in September and I am tired of avoiding pictures and cringing at the ones that got me!
This is going to be it! I am tired of being overweight and I may not get down to my goal of 135 or a size 5 (I'll take either at this point) but anything is better than where I am!
I have a closet full of work out DVDs, materials, and equipment and I MEAN TO USE THEM! Here are my starting stats...

  • Weight 200 pounds
  • Sizes: Top- LG-XLG Pants-14 Dress-16-18
  • Shoes: Traditionally a 7-7.5 but my fat feet sometimes force me to an 8
Since my work out option are VERY varied, I figure I can switch them up if I hit a plateau. My biggest obstacle is going to be (besides my lack of any real motivation) is eating habits. The short version is this: I HATE VEGETABLES!!!! Eating right is extremely hard for me, not to mention I rarely eat. That is not intentional mind you, I just don't feel like getting to it!
So here is the plan right now:
  • Zumba Fitness DVDs for the next 4 weeks
  • Drink more water
  • Eat better and more often
  • If I cannot do the DVD then do another activity like walking or going up to the Tennis Courts with the girls
My 4 weeks end May 9th. By then I hope to be:
  • 5+ pounds lighter (so 195 or less)
  • Clothing to fit looser around the arms, legs and middle
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
This should allow me to be more productive as opposed to sitting on the couch reading the evening away.
  • Weigh 135 OR Size 5 pants
  • More energy
  • A higher level of confidence. The looks to go with the brains!
  • Smaller boobs (please please please)
  • Create envy of my husband (right Josh?)
  • Be an example to my girls and to my husband
  • To stop crying when shopping for swimwear
Comment below and wish me luck!
Love you all!!!


  1. OMG ~ You can totally do it!! I'm fighting my own battle (it's a slow process), but I'm winning! And with your girls, hubby, and overall hatred of swimwear ~ it sounds like you have all the motivation you need!! Good luck ;)

  2. Thank you Callie! You are the first to comment on one of my blog posts :)


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